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SVS Hydraulics Pvt.Ltd. is a professionally managed organization established in 2000. SVS Hydraulics Pvt.Ltd. located in Hyderabad, Telangana, India with 13000 sft covered area and 6000 sft open area self-equipped with designing, fabrication, machining, assembling and testing facilities. As a technology savvy organization, SVS Hydraulics Pvt.Ltd. is engaged in R&D activities on a regular basis to understand the customer needs and to meet the international standards. All the products are reliable, efficient, cost effective and user friendly.

SVS Hydraulics Pvt.Ltd. manufactures wide range of products like Hydraulic Power pack, Hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic presses, Material handling equipment like Scissors lift, Dock levelers, Hydraulic lifts/Stackers and Customized material handling equipment’s, Bailing presses, Mobile hoardings and Customized special purpose equipment’s, Stretch forming machine, passengers lifts etc.

SVS Hydraulics Pvt.Ltd. is specialized in developing composite process machinery like pultrusion plants, pultrusion dies, mat slitters, GRP pipe end grinding (Calibration) machines, GRP pipe extractors, Hydro testers, Beam strength test machine, Hydraulic presses, Filament winding machine, Pultrusion rebar/rock bolt machine(Pull winding), continuous sheet making machine, SMC machine, DMC mixers etc. are also offered from the product range.

SVS Hydraulics Pvt.Ltd. continuous efforts for development of composite process machinery to suit customer requirements at affordable pricing keeps SVS Hydraulics Pvt.Ltd. ahead in domestic and international market.

The company’s commitment to quality is exemplified by its inclination towards it and is certified by QMS as an ISO 9001-2015 company.

Its dedicated R&D team enables it  to constantly be in an evolution stage to bring out more and more innovative products. Right from designing stage to post installation stage, stringent supervision check is carried out at all stages to ensure the final quality.


SVS Hydraulics Pvt.Ltd. works with quality objective of pursuing 100% customer satisfaction and the quality guideline being customer supremacy, business ethics and constant improvement.


SVSHPL strives to help and develop processes and designs to keep the composite industry moving forward. SVSHPL feels that by training and delivering the best machinery on the market, we can help grow the composite industry worldwide. If we cannot help with our years of knowledge in this industry, we can certainly send a customer in the right direction. We do not try to sell machinery or services to every customer. We try to help evaluate production requirements and investment payoffs.


Recovery Vans


The mechanism underlying a hydraulic tow truck is quite simple. Compared to normal tow trucks, hydraulic tow trucks involve a technique with the help of modern machinery that saves a lot of time and energy. Hydraulic tow trucks are comprised of the following parts:

  • Boom
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Under lift arm

Step 1. Simply drop the boom by operating hydraulic control valves.

Step 2. Place the car tyres on the under lift arm. Use a metal rod to lock the under lift arm.

Step 3. Lift the boom to the desired height with the help of the valves.

Step 4. Tie the wheels with tow straps to avoid getting tyres dislodged from the under lift arms

Step 5. As always, ensure the vehicle is in neutral and handbrakes are disengaged. under lift car towing

Safety Issue

The mechanism looks very promising and is a go-to option. Here the operator needs to be keen while loading & unloading the car.


This type of option is not suitable to tow luxury cars or four-wheel drive cars. In some cases, this can go wrong if the car is not having rear/front tyres in moving condition. The maintenance cost is high so as the manufacturing cost as well.


More importantly, this underlift towing method is safe and reliable for both short and long-distance towing requirements. As they bring the safety towards the bumper and radiator of a car.

Applications: These tow trucks are most commonly used to tow cars that are breakdown, or for shifting cars from/to parking yards, garages, or service centers, and for recovery/extrication of cars involved in accidents and scrap cars from ditches, depending on their condition. They are also used for generator vans, air compressor machines, and concrete pumps


Both towing methods are good enough to carry out the requirements, but the deciding factor takes in a case-to-case scenario. for example :

Damaged Car

Case 1: The car met with an accident and the front axle is broken, also wheels are dislocated. In such a scenario, hydraulic tow trucks are not useful since the mechanism demands the wheels to be available.

Breakdown Car

Case 2: There is a clutch issue in the car to which is not able to move. In this case, it’s best to tow the car with a hydraulic tow truck. It won’t damage the bumper.